Our Wines

Each of our vineyards is unique, yet each is a world unto itself. Our ten wines derive from choice plots spread across Montalcino’s extensive winegrowing zone.

Each of our wines has a very special character of its own, setting it apart from the others. But each and every one embodies Casanova di Neri’s distinctive, unmistakable style.

Cerretalto is a special blend of intuition, passion and vision – the hallmark of all Casanova di Neri’s work. The grapes hail mainly from a vineyard situated in a natural amphitheatre alongside a small river. The prized white truffles which grow in our private truffle reserve here bear witness to the purity of this environment. Soil rich in minerals, a very particular microclimate and low yield per plant coupled with our experience, dedication and passion for our work in the vineyard and in the cellar make Cerretalto a wine of immense character and harmonious structure. It's a wine of exceptional quality, personality and inimitable style – the perfect expression of the territory that nurtures it, the distillation of our idea of what a great Brunello should be. Cerretalto is a wine of outstanding character. Its uniqueness lies in the aroma’s graphite notes and sanguine undertones, and the extraordinary length and persistence of flavour on the palate. Its collection of accolades is incredible and unmatched: 100/100 Wine Advocate, 100/100 Wine Spectator, 100/100 James Suckling, 100/100 Falstaff, 100/100 Luca Gardini, 100/100 International Wine Report, 100/100 Wine Enthusiast.

Brunello Giovanni Neri expresses our tradition and winemaking philosophy, and embraces the values of sustainability, and the territory’s uniqueness. After fifty years from the purchase of the first vineyard, Giacomo, Giovanni and Gianlorenzo named this wine as Casanova di Neri’s founder. A remarkable wine, a pure Sangiovese’s expression born out of an ancient, untamed vineyard with half-century old vines spread over a great winegrowing terroir. While bringing together tradition and innovation is anything but an easy task, the Giovanni Neri manages that with an unmistakable elegance.

Tenuta Nuova is a pioneering and visionary vineyard project emboding the belief and passion of Casanova di Neri. Tenuta Nuova means new property; Tenuta Nuova is a place where nobody planted Sangiovese before; Tenuta Nuova is the will of Casanova di Neri to produce a powerful yet drinkable Brunello with a high ageing potential. The project began with the study of varied local microclimates and their optimal exposures. Through a cautious and passionate research Casanova di Neri has used the most sophisticated scientific investigations to determine the clones, rootstocks, cultivation practices, plant density per hectare and every possible particular to obtain excellent Sangiovese grapes.

Casanova di Neri proudly produces the White Label Brunello since 1978. Our passion and love for the land and our own distinctive Sangiovese joined together to make a wine that stands out for elegance, finesse, high quality and long ageing potential.

Giovanni Neri is the Rosso di Montalcino dedicated to the founder in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the estate. A unique wine that respects the philosophy and the style of Casanova di Neri, that are still the same as fifty years ago. Giovanni Neri is the expression of a Sangiovese that comes from a vineyard that has a wonderful exposition, exceptional soil and vines forty five years old.

The Casanova di Neri Rosso di Montalcino demonstrates how a Sangiovese in our vineyards in Montalcino can produce substantial wines ready for immediate enjoyment. For us, the Rosso di Montalcino is paramount. For its production we use grapes from dedicated vineyards and ensure that they receive the same attention and care intended for the production of Brunello. The strong identity of this wine is also due to our selection of Sangiovese. It is a wine that spends 12 months in wood.

Pietradonice, a wine with a distinct character and marked personality, is born from our vineyards and truly possesses the unmistakable Casanova di Neri style. Cabernet Sauvignon is forged by the strength of the territory, the careful work in the vineyard and wisdom in the cellar: a wine in which the territory prevails over the grapes. The 2000 vintage was the first produced and the name, Pietradonice, is due to the soil, particularly rich in this stone.

IrROSSO is the result of the union between Sangiovese and small addition of our own grapes from different varieties: it gives the idea of a young red, significant but with easy drinkability and is linked to the characteristics of its native territory, with an unforgettable Casanova di Neri stamp.

A rosè€ from Casanova di Neri. IRROSÈ€, produced for the first time during the 2018 grape harvest, reveals the concentration, fruitiness and texture enhanced by the elegance, purity and freshness of our Sangiovese.

Casanova di Neri, a well-known producer of great Brunellos, has dedicated itself to producing a limited number of bottles of white wine. This wine comes from the grapes of our Spereta farm. The 2011 vintage is the first to be bottled. A white wine with personality in the model of our style.